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Put a bookmark and close a book at the end of the day.
Talk to a sales clerk, hear the cash register ring and receive your change.

Even as the “grab-and-go” fast food mentality dominates and the world is becoming more and more convenient,
we would like to live with luxury and abundance which can not be afforded by convenience.

The texture of a paper, the smell of ink, the weight of a book…
As long as humans retain their five senses, our love of physical goods will never cease.

Put a record on a turntable. Records have A-sides and B-sides, and in the first song of the reversed B-side we catch that specialness,
 the attachment and care given by the artist in placing the song there, to lead us into its world of music.

Design flows through a book, from the cover, title page, colophon to the end paper.
It is such a rich experience to flip through the pages which have been carefully designed and thought-out by so many people.
We would like to make books that embody those feelings.

DU BOOKS will propose a better reading style and a music life for the future,
and by rediscovering the fascination of books ourselves, we hope to bring that enchantment to our customers.

Main titles translated into Japanese:

IT by Alexa Chung
Marimekko : Fabrics,Fashion,Architecture by Marianne Aav
The Guitar Effects Pedals by Dave Hunter
Les Habits De La Nature by Hans Silvester
Exhibition catalogue You reach out - right now - for something : Questioning the Concept of Fashion by Nakako Hayashi and Photographs by Takashi Honma
Beatles gear by Andy Babiuk

Main Foreign Licensors:

Penguin Books
Backbeat Books
Laurence King Publishing
Harper Design
Yale University Press
Les Editions Denoel
La Martinière groupe
Editions Delcourt