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本作は1983年の"Stop Making Sense"ツアー中のブロードキャスト(ラジオ)での音源を収録。

The Talking Heads had broken out of New York in 1976 and released their debut in the autumn of 1977. The band's second studio album More Songs About Buildings And Food was the first Talking Heads album to reach the top thirty of the albums chart and also featured a cover version of the Al Green song Take Me To The River which would go on to be a massively popular track in the band's live repertoire as well as becoming a hit single in 1978, making the top thirty singles charts in America of that year. The band's third album Fear of Music, again produced by former Roxy Music member Brian Eno was released in August 1979. Although Fear of Music included many guest performances on the studio album including Robert Fripp and Eno, in terms of the live arena the band opted to maintain the four core members of David Byrne, Chris Franz, Tina Weymouth and Jerry Harrison - the sound of the band had moved on somewhat from the first two Talking Heads albums (Talking Heads 77 and More Songs About Buildings and Food) Through a further five studio albums and two live albums and a feature film The Talking Heads became a hugely successful band commercially speaking. The band split in 1991 although reunited briefly from to perform three songs at their induction to the Rock jn Roll Hall Of Fame in 2002. The recordings featured on this album are drawn a radio broadcast that was originally recorded during the bands 'Stop Making Sense' tour in 1983. This tour took place during the bands most successful period and the set list reflects that covering songs from all the bands albums up to that point. Line Up David Byrne: Guitar/Vocals Chris Frantz: Drums/Vocals Tina Weymouth: Bass/Vocals Jerry Harrison: Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals Bernie Worrell/keyboards Alex Weir/Guitar Steve Scales/Percussion Edna Holt: Vocals Lynne Maybry/Vocals recorded during the Stop Making Sense Tour in 1983


  • 1.Psycho Killer
  • 2.Thank You for Sending Me an Angel
  • 3.Found a Job
  • 4.Slippery People
  • 5.Burning Down the House
  • 6.Life During Wartime
  • 7.Making Flippy Floppy
  • 8.Swamp
  • 9.What a Day That Was (David Byrne Song)
  • 10.Big Business (David Byrne Song)-I Zimbra
  • 11.This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
  • 12.Once in a Lifetime
  • 13.Take Me to the River(Al Green Cover)
  • 14.Crosseyed and Painless