2015 年にリリースしたセルフ・タイトル・アルバムから早 4 年、ガーナのリヴィング・レジェンドが帰ってきた !

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2015 年にリリースしたセルフ・タイトル・アルバムから早 4 年、ガーナのリヴィング・レジェンドが帰ってきた ! エボ・テイラー『Love and Death』などのプロデュースを手掛けたベン・アブラバネル・ウルフとクワメ・イエボアという現在のガーナのトップ 2 がタッグを組んでプロデュース ! 前作発表以降に参加した様々なフェスなどの経験を元にハイライフを軸とした鮮やかな音楽性が花開いた素晴らしい内容 ! “Everybody” を意味する“Obiaa!”という単語を冠し、グルーヴィーなアフロ・グルーヴ「Onfa Nkosi Hwee」で幕を開け、アフロ・エレクトロ・ディスコの 名 作 であるパット・トーマスの代表曲「Yamona」のセルフ・カヴァーなどが並ぶアフロ・ファン必携必聴の 1 枚 !

PAT THOMAS & KWASHIBU AREA BAND, the modern-day leaders of Ghanaian highlife music are back with "Obiaa!", an album that is a deep and soulful journey into the heart of Ghana’s indigenous highlife music celebrating the timeless and iconic voice of Pat Thomas, the 72 year-old “Golden Voice of Africa”

Strut is proud to announce Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band’s sophomore release ‘Obiaa!’, released on 4th October 2019. The album, produced again by Kwame Yeboah and Ben Abarbanel-Wolff at Lovelite Studio’s analogue HQ in Berlin, is a deep and soulful journey into the heart of Ghana’s indigenous highlife music celebrating the timeless and iconic voice of Pat Thomas, the 72 year-old “Golden Voice of Africa”.
After producing Ebo Taylor’s seminal albums ‘Love and Death’ and ‘Appia Kwa Bridge’ for Strut Records, in 2014 Ben Abarbanel-Wolff approached Kwame Yeboah, Ghana’s top contemporary instrumentalist and bandleader, to work on a new project: “We initially wanted to invite Pat back into the studio with Ebo Taylor and Tony Allen to recreate and expand on some of the vibes they had recorded together during a lost session in 1977,” Ben explains. Recorded in Accra, the result was the critically acclaimed self-titled debut album ‘Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band’ in 2015.
Pat and the Kwashibu Area Band (named after Kwame’s neighbourhood in Accra) hit the road in October 2015. After a memorable performance at WOMEX in Budapest, they never looked back. The next two years took them around the world to play at major venues and festivals including Glastonbury, Roskilde, WOMAD, Sakifo, WOMADelaide, Sines and many more. “We could see there was something for everyone in our music. People of all ages, colours and trends were dancing together!’ explains Kwame, the mastermind behind the band’s unbelievable precision and killer live show.
The new album is called ‘Obiaa!’ which means ‘Everybody!’. Tracks include the modern parables ‘Onfa Nkosi Hwee’ warning against arrogance and ‘Odo Ankasa’ about the value of real love and trust as well as a great new cover of Thomas’ Afro-disco favourite ‘Yamona’. “Playing highlife around the world taught us what we had to do to move our sound forward,” continues Ben. While simultaneously looking back towards the classic days of highlife and forward to a fresh revival of the guitar band sound, this album cements Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band’s position at the pinnacle of modern African music.
‘Obiaa!’ is released on all formats on 4th October The album features exclusive cover artwork by Lewis Heriz with photos by Marie Weikopf and Michelle Chiu and is mastered by Édouard Bonan at Ed-Room Studio in Paris.

• Brand new album from Ghana’s original highlife master
• Produced by Kwame Yeboah and Ben Abarbanel-Wolff and recorded at Jochen Stroeh’s Lovelite Studios
• Mastered and cut by The Carvery with illustrated design by Lewis Heriz

Ebo Taylor, Fela Kuti, E.T. Mensah, Dele Sosimi, Kokoroko, Ambolley, Nana Ampadu, Dr K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings, I.K. Dairo, A.B. Crentsil, C.K. Mann, Oscar Sulley, Stephen Osita Osadebe, Tony Allen, African Brothers, Cardinal Rex Lawson


  • 1.Onfa Nkosi Hwee
  • 2.Yamona
  • 3.Bubu
  • 4.Atesem
  • 5.Obinim
  • 6.Obi Nfreno
  • 7.Ntobuase
  • 8.Odo Ankasa
  • 9.Okomfe Bone