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  • 2017.12.15

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    [2016-2017 Sampler]
    01 Another Day Without You (Room Experience)
    02 Maryanne (Zaneta)
    03 This Time (Andy Rock)
    04 More Heaven Than Hell (Danger Zone)
    05 Bad Signs (Viana)
    06. The Border Song (Jessie Galante)
    07 Rocket Love (Rockett Love)
    08 Broken Heart (Xtasy)
    09 Danger Calling (Bloody Heels)
    10 Forevermore (ColdSpell)
    11 I’ve Come All This Way (Da Vinci)
    12 You’ve Got The Touch (The Radio Sun)
    13 Have A Good Time (Airbound)
    14 Always Strangers (Newman)
    15 I Won’t Be Your Hero (Code Red)
    16 Life Is Like A Highway (Paolo Morbini Project)
    17 Soul Has Gone Away (Mindfeels)