驚愕のロックマン6LP BOX! 1から11までの主要作品音源をまとめた究極の逸品

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Mega Man™ 1-11: The Collection
Mega Man - Manami Matsumae
Mega Man 2 - Takashi Tateishi, Manami Matsumae
Mega Man 3 - Yasuaki Fujita, Harumi Fujita
Mega Man 4 - Minae Fujii, Manami Matsumae
Mega Man 5 - Mari Yamaguchi
Mega Man 6 - Yuko Takehara
Mega Man 7 - Yuko Takehara, Makoto Tomozawa, Toshihiko Horiyama, Manami Matsumae
Mega Man 8 - Shusaku Uchiyama, Manami Matsumae
Mega Man 9 - Ryo Kawakami, Yu Shimoda, Manami Matsumae, Ippo Yamada, Hiroki Isogai
Mega Man 10 - Ryo Kawakami, Manami Matsumae, Akari Kaida, Makoto Tomozawa, Yasuaki Fujita, Hiroki Isogai, Ippo Yamada
Mega Man 11 - Marika Suzuki, Manami Matsumae
Product Information:
152 Tracks
X6 180g Mega Man Blue Vinyl
Includes full scores from first three NES titles
Limited Edition with blue disc variant
Exclusive to Laced Records store
6 Deluxe 3mm Spined Sleeves in Luxury Rigid Board Slip Case
Artwork by:
Ultimatemaverickx (https://www.deviantart.com/ultimatemaverickx)
Shipping Info:
- Orders Will Ship December 2019-
Due to the weight and size of this product, all orders will be capped at one per transaction and will ship via courier.
Prepare to fight for everlasting peace! Laced Records, in partnership with CAPCOM, proudly presents Mega Man 1-11: The Collection: 152 tracks pressed onto six ‘Mega Man blue’ 180g vinyl LPs, packaged in deluxe spined inner sleeves, and housed in a luxury ridged board slip case. Music includes the full soundtracks to Mega Man, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3, as well as a large selection of fan favourites from Mega Man 4 through to Mega Man 11.
The box set features brand new original artwork by illustrator ultimatemaverickx. Exclusive to the Laced Records store.
For the first time, hear pulse-pounding Mega Man music on wax, with tracks drawn from across the last 32 years of games. Relive the essential Famicom/NES chiptune scores in full, as we present the entire tracklist from Manami Matsumae’s Mega Man OST, Takashi Tateishi’s seminal music for Mega Man 2 (featuring the legendary “Dr. Wily's Castle 1”), and Yasuaki Fujita and Harumi Fujita’s fan favourite Mega Man 3 OST.
Composers also include Minae Fujii (MM4), Mari Yamaguchi (MM5), Yuko Takehara (MM6, MM7), Makoto Tomozawa (MM7, MM10), Toshihiko Horiyama (MM7), Shusaku Uchiyama (MM8), Ryo Kawakami (MM9, MM10), Yu Shimoda (MM9), Ippo Yamada (MM9, MM10), Hiroki Isogai (MM9), Akari Kaida (MM10), Hiroki Isogai (MM10), and Marika Suzuki (MM11).
Every track has been remastered specifically for this release and will be pressed onto six audiophiles’ heavyweight 180g deluxe vinyl LPs, with discs coloured ‘Mega Man blue’ — after all, Dr. Light had taste.
Across 32 years and 152 games, the Mega Man (aka Rockman in Japan) series has sold over 35 million units, with The Blue Bomber having become one of the most beloved and recognisable characters in all of gaming history.


Disc 01

  • A1. Stage Select
  • A2. Game Start
  • A3. Cut Man Stage
  • A4. Guts Man Stage
  • A5. Ice Man Stage
  • A6. Bomb Man Stage
  • A7. Fire Man Stage
  • A8. Elec Man Stage
  • A9. Boss
  • A10. Stage Clear
  • A11. Dr. Wily Stage 1
  • A12. Dr. Wily Stage 2
  • A13. Dr Wily Stage Boss
  • A14. All Stage Clear
  • A15. Ending
  • A16. Game Over
  • A17. Opening
  • A18. Title
  • A19. Password
  • A20. Stage Select
  • A21. Game Start
  • A22. Metal Man Stage
  • B1. Air Man Stage
  • B2. Bubble Man Stage
  • B3. Quick Man Stage
  • B4. Crash Man Stage
  • B5. Flash Man Stage
  • B6. Heat Man Stage
  • B7. Wood Man Stage
  • B8. Stage Clear
  • B9. Get A Weapon
  • B10. Dr. Wily Map
  • B11. Dr. Wily Stage 1
  • B12. Dr. Wily Stage 2
  • B13. Last Stage
  • B14. Boss
  • B15. Clear Demo
  • B16. All Stage Clear

Disc 02

  • C1. Ending
  • C2. Staff Roll
  • C3. Game Over
  • C4. Title
  • C5. Password
  • C6. Stage Select
  • C7. Game Start
  • C8. Needle Man Stage
  • C9. Magnet Man Stage
  • C10. Gemini Man Stage
  • C11. Hard Man Stage
  • C12. Top Man Stage
  • C13. Snake Man Stage
  • C14. Spark Man Stage
  • D1. Shadow Man Stage
  • D2. Proto Man
  • D3. Boss
  • D4. Stage Clear
  • D5. Get A Weapon
  • D6. Dr. Wily Stage Map
  • D7. Dr. Wily Stage 1
  • D8. Dr. Wily Stage 2
  • D9. Dr. Wily Stage 3
  • D10. Dr. Wily Stage Boss
  • D11. All Stage Clear
  • D12. Ending
  • D13. Staff Roll

Disc 03

  • E1. Title
  • E2. Game Start
  • E3. Toad Man Stage
  • E4. Drill Man Stage
  • E5. Dive Man Stage
  • E6. Skull Man Stage
  • E7. Dr. Cossack Stage 2
  • E8. Dr. Wily Stage 2
  • E9. Ending
  • E10. Title
  • E11. Game Start
  • E12. Gravity Man Stage
  • E13. Stone Man Stage
  • E14. Charge Man Stage
  • F1. Napalm Man Stage
  • F2. Dark Man Stage
  • F3. Dr. Wily Stage
  • F4. Ending
  • F5. Title
  • F6. Stage Select
  • F7. Game Start
  • F8. Centaur Man Stage
  • F9. Tomahawk Man Stage
  • F10. Yamato Man Stage
  • F11. Boss
  • F12. Mr. X Stage
  • F13. Last Boss

Disc 04

  • G1. Title
  • G2. Game Start
  • G3. Freeze Man Stage
  • G4. Junk Man Stage
  • G5. Burst Man Stage
  • G6. Cloud Man Stage
  • G7. Shade Man Stage
  • G8. Boss
  • G9. Dr. Wily Stage 1
  • G10. Bass's Theme
  • G11. Last Boss
  • H1. Opening Stage 1
  • H2. Stage Select
  • H3. Game Start
  • H4. Frost Man Stage
  • H5. Tengu Man Stage
  • H6. Grenade Man Stage
  • H7. Aqua Man Stage
  • H8. Search Man Stage
  • H9. Dr. Wily Stage 2
  • H10. Staff Roll
  • H11. Title
  • H12. Stage Select
  • H13. Game Start
  • H14. Thunder Tornado (Tornado Man Stage)

Disc 05

  • I1. Splash Blue (Splash Woman Stage)
  • I2. Hornet Dance (Hornet Man Stage)
  • I3. Galaxy Fantasy (Galaxy Man Stage)
  • I4. Flash In The Dark (Dr. Wily Stage 1)
  • I5. We're The Robots (Dr. Wily Stage 2)
  • I6. Wily Machine
  • I7. Title
  • I8. Stage Select
  • I9. Game Start
  • I10. King Of Blades (Blade Man Stage)
  • I11. Fireball Strike (Strike Man Stage)
  • J1. Nitro Rider (Nitro Man Stage)
  • J2. Solar Inferno (Solar Man Stage)
  • J3. Boss
  • J4. Abandoned Memory (Dr. Wily Stage 1)
  • J5. No Turning Back (Dr. Wily Stage 3)
  • J6. Dr. Wily Machine
  • J7. Get The Punk Out (Special Stage 2)
  • J8. Staff Roll

Disc 06

  • K1. Title
  • K2. Stage Select
  • K3. Game Start
  • K4. Block Man Stage
  • K5. Acid Man Stage
  • K6. Impact Man Stage
  • K7. Fuse Man Stage
  • K8. Blast Man Stage
  • L1. Boss
  • L2. Stage Clear
  • L3. Dr. Wily Stage
  • L4. Last Battle
  • L5. Staff Roll 1
  • L6. Staff Roll 2
  • L7. Challenges
  • L8. Tundra Man Stage (Arranged)