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80's New Waveシーンに君臨した異端の歌姫にしてKING CRIMSONを率いるRobert Fropp師の奥方、英Edselから'80-'00年代に発表したStudio/Live AlbumとDemo/Remix音源、Promotion Videoを纏めたボーナス・トラック収録7CD+DVD限定ボックス・セットが登場!
CD1にボーナス・トラック6曲を加えた'85年作『MINX』、CD2にボーナス・トラック6曲を加えた'87年作『DESIRE』、CD3に'88年作『PROSTITUTE』、CD4にボーナス・トラック4曲を加えた'91年作『OPHELIA’S SHADOW』、CD5にボーナス・トラック4曲を加えた'93年作『TAKE THE LEAP!』、CD6に『REMIXED, REVISITED & RARE 1992 -98』と題した'92~'98年のデモやリミックス音源、CD7にボーナス・トラック8曲を加えた'03年作『VELVET LINED SHELL』を収録。DVDには5曲のPromotion Video、加えてインタビュー映像を収録。
スタジオ6作に加え未発表音源を含む計44曲のボーナス・トラック、貴重なDemo, Remix音源を16曲収録するDiscとマニアならば必携の内容かつ、一挙にAlbumが入手できるためToyahの音楽への入門にもお薦めの豪華限定ボックス・セットです!

【2ch Stereo対応(DVDのみ)/CD+DVD(7CD+DVD)8枚組(DVDはNTSC方式対応のため国内機種で視聴可)】


Disc 1

  • CD 1-1.『MINX』/Soldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love
  • CD 1-2.『MINX』/Don't Fall In Love (I Said)
  • CD 1-3.『MINX』/Soul Passing Through Soul
  • CD 1-4.『MINX』/Sympathy
  • CD 1-5.『MINX』/I'll Serve You Well
  • CD 1-6.『MINX』/Over Twenty One
  • CD 1-7.『MINX』/All In A Rage
  • CD 1-8.『MINX』/Space Between The Sounds
  • CD 1-9.『MINX』/School's Out
  • CD 1-10.『MINX』/World In Action
  • CD 1-11.『MINX』/America For Beginners
  • CD 1-12.『MINX』/Vigilante
  • CD 1-13.『MINX』/Snow Covers The Kiss [Bonus Track]
  • CD 1-14.『MINX』/Kiss The Devil [Bonus Track]
  • CD 1-15.『MINX』/Don't Fall in Love (I Said)(Extended Mix) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 1-16.『MINX』/Soul Passing Through Soul(Extended Mix) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 1-17.『MINX』/World In Action(Extended Mix) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 1-18.『MINX』/World in Action [Action Mix] [Bonus Track]
  • CD 2-1. 『DESIRE』/Echo Beach
  • CD 2-2. 『DESIRE』/Moonlight Dancing
  • CD 2-3. 『DESIRE』/Revive The World
  • CD 2-4. 『DESIRE』/The View
  • CD 2-5. 『DESIRE』/Moon Migration
  • CD 2-6. 『DESIRE』/Love's Unkind
  • CD 2-7. 『DESIRE』/Dear Diary
  • CD 2-8. 『DESIRE』/Deadly As A Woman
  • CD 2-9. 『DESIRE』/Goodbye Baby
  • CD 2-10. 『DESIRE』/When A Woman Cries
  • CD 2-11. 『DESIRE』/Desire
  • CD 2-12. 『DESIRE』/Echo Beach(Surf Mix/Previously unavailable on CD) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 2-13. 『DESIRE』/Plenty(Previously unavailable on CD) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 2-14. 『DESIRE』/Sun Up [Bonus Track]
  • CD 2-15. 『DESIRE』/Re-Entry Into Dance(Previously unavailable on CD) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 2-16. 『DESIRE』/Mesmerised(Previously unreleased outtake) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 2-17. 『DESIRE』/Tony Banks and Toyah–Lion Of Symmetry [Bonus Track]

Disc 3

  • CD 3-1.Hello
  • CD 3-2.Prostitute
  • CD 3-3.Wife
  • CD 3-4.The Show
  • CD 3-5.Dream House
  • CD 3-6.Homecraft
  • CD 3-7.Obsession
  • CD 3-8.Let the Power Bleed
  • CD 3-9.Restless
  • CD 3-10.Falling to Earth
  • CD 3-11.Jazz Singers in the Trees
  • CD 3-12.Vale of Evesham
  • CD 3-13.Ghosts In The Universe

Disc 4

  • CD 4-1.Ophelia’s Shadow
  • CD 4-2.The Shaman Says
  • CD 4-3.Brilliant Day
  • CD 4-4.Prospect
  • CD 4-5.Turning Tide
  • CD 4-6.Take What You Will
  • CD 4-7.Ghost Light
  • CD 4-8.The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself
  • CD 4-9.Homeward
  • CD 4-10.Lords of the Never Known
  • CD 4-11.Harlequin (Holy Day) with Kiss Of Reality [Bonus Track]
  • CD 4-12.Broken Special (The Island) with Kiss Of Reality [Bonus Track]
  • CD 4-13.Face The Space (Vocal Version) with Kiss Of Reality [Bonus Track]
  • CD 4-14.Symbiotic with Trey Gunn [Bonus Track]

Disc 5

  • CD 5-1.Now I’m Running
  • CD 5-2.Lust for Love
  • CD 5-3.Invisible Love
  • CD 5-4.Name of Love
  • CD 5-5.Winter in Wonderland
  • CD 5-6.God Ceases to Dream
  • CD 5-7.Ieya (Revisited)
  • CD 5-8.Waiting (Revisited)
  • CD 5-9.Neon Womb (Revisited)
  • CD 5-10.Elusive Stranger (Revisited)
  • CD 5-11.Our Movie (Revisited)
  • CD 5-12.Thunder in the Mountains (Revisited)
  • CD 5-13.I Wanna Be Free (Revisited)
  • CD 5-14.It’s a Mystery (Revisited)
  • CD 5-15.Requite Me (Demo) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 5-16.Invisible Love (Demo) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 5-17.Waiting (Alternate Mix) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 5-18.It’s a Mystery (Weybridge Mix) [Bonus Track]

Disc 6

  • CD 6-1.Tears For Ellie (Demo)
  • CD 6-2.God Ceases To Dream (Remix)
  • CD 6-3.Poland (One Day On Earth) (Demo)
  • CD 6-4.Now I’m Running (Remix)
  • CD 6-5.It’s a Mystery (Whispered Elixir Mix)
  • CD 6-6.Lust For Love (Demo)
  • CD 6-7.Angel (Demo)
  • CD 6-8.Rebel Run (Revisited)
  • CD 6-9.Good Morning Universe (Revisited)
  • CD 6-10.Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard) (Revisited)
  • CD 6-11.Desire (Revisited)
  • CD 6-12.Obsolete (Revisited)
  • CD 6-13.Danced (Revisited)
  • CD 6-14.We Are (Revisited)
  • CD 6-15.Angel & Me (Revisited)
  • CD 6-16.Believe In You (Demo)

Disc 7

  • CD 7-1.Every Scar Has A Silver Lining
  • CD 7-2.Velvet Lined Shell
  • CD 7-3.Little Tears Of Love
  • CD 7-4.You’re A Miracle
  • CD 7-5.Mother
  • CD 7-6.Troublesome Thing
  • CD 7-7.Experience [Bonus Track]
  • CD 7-8.Killing Made Easy (with Family Of Noise) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 7-9.In Estonia (with This Fragile Moment) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 7-10.Fallen (with Yomanda) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 7-11.Drinking From The Gun (with Dodson & Fogg) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 7-12.Nine Hours (with Peter) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 7-13.America For Beginners (Nocturne Blue Redux) [Bonus Track]
  • CD 7-14.Toyah Step Into The New World [from Invasion Planet Earth] [Bonus Track]

Disc 8

  • DVD-1.Don’t Fall In Love (I Said) [Promo Video]
  • DVD-2.Soul Passing Through Soul [Promo Video]
  • DVD-3.Echo Beach [Promo Video]
  • DVD-4.Fallen [Promo Video]
  • DVD-5.Sensational [Promo Video]
  • DVD-6.Toyah talks about her solo albums