【NOISE/AVANT】音の始源を求めて13 松平頼曉 ZENEI(前衛) NHK電子音楽スタジオに残した「テープ音楽」2曲を収録

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1トランジェント’64 1964年制作

2テープのためのアッセンブリッジス 1969年制作

Transient '64, produced in 1964, composer Yoriaki Matsudaira
In the production process, a cluster of sine waves with a transient tone, referred to as 'transient sound', was created.
The material was created using only transient sounds,
such as the transient oscillation sound produced when a six-channel sine wave oscillator
is switched on before the vacuum tubes are heated,
or the instant a sine wave cluster passes through a damaged loudspeaker.
Assemblages for Tape, produced in 1969, composer Yoriaki Matsudaira
Until now, electronic music has used sound sources with fixed waveforms,
such as sine waves, sawtooth waves, square waves, and white noise.
With these oscillators, it is impossible to create free tones. The photoformer was then conceived.
We thought that if it was possible to create freely drawn waveforms, then it would be possible to create freely drawn tones.
The photoformer was used for the search of a tone imagined from a drawn figure,
but the pulse noise generated by the return time of the cathode ray was so heavily mixed in 
that the sound of the drawn waveform was faintly audible, buried in this noise.
The piece was born out of the idea that such sounds were necessary in a work with uncertain sounds. 

The Beginnings of Japanese Electroacoustic · “The Beginning of Japanese Electroacoustic Vol.13 松平頼曉/ Yoriaki Matsudaira “ZENEI”