【CLUB/DANCE】デトロイトのSCOTT GROOVESがアンビエント・アルバムをリリース

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ディスクユニオン CLUB/DANCE


ロイ・エアーズやPファンクとのコラボ、ジョー・クラウゼルの伝説的レーベル Spiritual Life MusicからのEPで知られ、近年はMANUEL GOTTSCHING"E2-E4"のカバーやファンク・ナンバーで幅広い音楽性を示してきたデトロイトのベテラン、スコット・グルーヴス。
DJやスタジオでダンスミュージックに集中してきた彼が、自らをリフレッシュするために作り上げた作品が本作「After The Dance Phone Home: A Sonic Retreat」。



 The phrase "Phone Home," originally popularized by a beloved film, has been redefined to mean checking in with yourself emotionally, especially when feeling burnt out or stressed. This reimagined phrase forms the heart of my chillout music project, After the Dance: Phone Home.
As a producer, DJ, and musician, I juggle the demands of traveling, social media, and performing. Long hours in the studio and the sensory overload of my profession left me yearning for a way to recenter, pause, and reconnect. I needed a personal retreat, a way to "Phone Home."
After the Dance Phone Home began as my solution to this need for calmness and recharge. It's music that transcends mere excitement, going beyond the fist pump to offer a sense of refreshment and serenity. Each of the eight tracks creates its own environment, a unique soundscape that lives and breathes, providing a diverse mode of chill defined by mood rather than genre.
Whether you let these textured sounds stay in the background or bring them to the forefront, After the Dance serves as a personal sonic retreat. These compositions became my go-to for decompressing and painting, and now, I'm thrilled to share this facet of my musical world with you.
Welcome to After the Dance: Phone Home, and embark on a journey to find a bit of calmness that may help you relax a little, just as it does for me. Sg 

1. Phone Home mast
2. Indiara mast
3. Alldee People Emerge mast
4. Mood 4 mast
5. Rain Dots
6. Sun Dots mast
7. Deneb Interlude mast
8. Gravitas 2 mast